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8th Oct, 2006

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Edwardian boys snippet

Because, well, there's a war on. Lucas and Bevan would probably qualify as doctors in summer 1915, assuming a three year Tripos in Medicine and then - normally - go on to clinical studies and specialising and so on. In this story, they choose to go straight out to France.

I can't see Linton in the military, so he's actually an ambulance driver. Shaw, on the other hand, has followed in the romantic tradition and become a soldier boy.

The postcard mentioned below is in fact real, and can be found here in all its glory.

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1st Sep, 2006

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hinc lucem et pocula sacra

I love these characters, I really do. I love throwing crap at them and seeing how they deal with it. Will, pretty well. Owen, not so well. Shaw - I worry about Shaw. I had so many references to him drinking in this story that I think he might have come across as more than slightly alcoholic. I know he's a student, but. Anyway.

I found out while researching for this fic that the founder of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (which is the college Shaw et al belong to), John Caius, originally banned the Welsh, among other "deformed, dumb, blind, lame, maimed [and] mutilated" students. I wanted to reference that at some point, but there never seemed to be a good moment. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

hinc lucem et pocula sacraCollapse )
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a tergo

This one was the product of far, far too much Martial and Catullus (it's not even the right bloody period) and I ended up thinking I knew something about Roman life. Having spent an entire afternoon trying to decide what province Quintus was from and how far that was from Rome and how long it would take to get there and what cities they'd go through on the way, I am now humbled. Slightly.

The title literally translates as "from behind". I was a bit desperate by that point and was going through lists of high-sounding Latin phrases on Wikipedia. Apparently, "a tergo" is also a replacement medical term for sodomy. It seemed apt.

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You Will Be Assimilated/La Belle Dame Sans Merci

This one I wrote under the name Lesbia, because I'd been mainlining Catullus for my exams and it seemed apropos for the yuri issue.

You Will Be Assimilated/La Belle Dame Sans MerciCollapse )
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The Language of Flowers

I want to expand this one into a novel. I was terrified the entire time I was writing it that it was going to go over the word limit, which was a novel experience for me. I also looked up enough damn floriography to decipher a message in a greenhouse.

the language of flowersCollapse )
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Edwardian schoolboys, part the first. FWIW, according to Wikipedia, "scarlatina" means both "scarlet fever" and "having a strong love for, or attraction to, red hair".

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Child of the Seven Virgins

This is the one I wrote for the Animal Kingdom issue. Eagles and Wolves and Angels, oh My!

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